Jono Rogers on Buying Bull Semen


Christine Hope Poses a Question about Local Food


Ben:  In Praise of Early Mornings


Fay Thomas


How to Shear a Sheep

A quick guide to shearing a ewe with YFC Allensmore member Steve Rowberry, the Royal Welsh Junior Champion in 2009.  After winning the Royal Welsh last summer, Steve spent the winter shearing in New Zealand, and won a fair few competitions there as well.  After his many victories there, he is back and forth between Herefordshire and New Zealand shearing and developing his skills.


Richard’s Vortex



5 responses to “Video

  1. Fantastic clips – I love the whole project. Desperate to find out how I can view the complete film, as I have to be in Surrey when it’s being shown at the Borderlines Festival!!

    • Dear Liz, I’m not sure if you’ll receive this reply. Apologies for late reply, but I only check this website occasionally as we’ve switched over to The film is being shown at the Hay Festival on Friday June 1st at 7:45 and we’ll be selling DVDs from the tunefortheblood website soon, I hope. Also check in there occasionally for update about where it will be screening. Anne

  2. Richard Cooper

    Great stuff Ann & Richard…
    The sheep shearing video is just so clear… Best I’ve ever seen. He makes it look so easy. All those years of his body learning the moves. Craft at its highest level.
    And now we know the origins of REAL crop circles!

  3. Just great to hear that accent again. I can close my eyes and smell the natural Herefordshire hay. You can take a boy out of Herefordshire but cannot take the Herefrodshire out of the boy.
    Great stuff.

    • Charles, Check in next week for another one of those Herefordshire voices coming to you on other side of the world. Anne

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