We spent a year shooting the Young Farmers documentary and for that phase we invested our own time, energy and funds.  We have raised some external finance to begin the editing as we needed to bring in editing expertise to make a finished feature length documentary of high quality, worthy of the contribution made by the young farmers in the film.  We have been editing during the spring of 2011  and are getting close to a fine cut. We will finish the edit in the summer of 2011.  Any money we raise will go to the pay for services and expertise to finish the documentary.

The budget, which will get us to the point where we have masters from which to make festival and dvd copies is £32,420. So far we have raised £20,000 and so we have still to raise £12,420.

Donations have come from a variety of private sources and from the Duke of Cornwall’s Benevolent Fund.  So thanks to all those who contributed.

If you would like to make a donation please press the Donate button at the bottom of the page.


Budget for Finishing Young Farmers Documentary:

Editing, Online & DVD production

Editor and equipment 14 weeks @ £1000 per week              £14000
Sound edit 4 weeks @ £1000 per week                                        4000

Ass’t editor 4 weeks @ £300                                                           1200
Music                                                                                                   4000
Picture and sound finish                                                                  8300

Train journeys to London for online and finishing                    570
Insurance                                                                                            350

Post production total                                            £32,420

Amount raised so far                                                                  20,000

Amount left to raise                                             £12,420


One response to “Donate

  1. Dr Jill Hardman

    I am sending you my email address and more support, best wishes Jill

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