Young Farmers Documentary Event on BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’

Yes, the sun shone on the day.  A big thanks to all who took part and supported the Young Farmers Documentary Event at Hay and to all those who came along to the reception and to the event itself.  Special thanks to Jesse Norman MP for hosting the reception.  I hope the discussion and debate can continue.  So please feel free to comment on these pages.

Paul Moss, a reporter from BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’ programme, interviewed Graham Richards, Jenny Layton, Jonathan Rogers and myself for a piece which will go out one night next week.   So tune in your radios at 10 o’clock and see if you can catch it.  (Listen out for Graham’s ewes bleating in the background.)

I didn’t manage to take any photographs myself despite bringing my camera.  I really wanted to get a group picture but there was never a moment.  If anyone managed to take any photos…

Fingers crossed we can raise enough money to finish the documentary.


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