After spending 3 days inside a blacked out studio, emerged to find buds in the hedgerows, blossom on the trees, and the pleasure of sitting outside the pub in Hoarwithy in a T-shirt.  We spent the afternoon shooting and recording ‘signs of spring’.  Such an onerous task…backlit catkins along the Wye, celandine, primroses, undergrowth humming with green, fields of Hereford’s red earth turned over next to green, green, green.  Overhead a buzzard lazes across the sky worrying the crows.

Lying in the afternoon sun in the St. Cuthbert churchyard outside Holme Lacy recording the sound of a woodpecker, a bumblebee veering past the microphone and birdsong that comes from all directions.  Earlier there had been skylarks.

And back home, after having been careful not to listen to the radio and hear the results of The Grand National,  we watch our recording as if it were live.  The suspense is still there, but our luck isn’t.  We all lost our bets.


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